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Marine Pfc

Marine Pfc. Gregory William Fischer, 19, was killed in Vietnam February 22, 1968, while on patrol as a radioman for the 1st Marine Division about 20 miles from Danang. Born in Cleveland, February 5, 1949, Fischer, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mario Piastrelli, 11061 Schwab Drive, Parma, enlisted in June 1967 immediately after graduating from Valley Forge High School. He left for Vietnam the day after Thanksgiving. While in Vietnam, he wrote a letter to his stepfather "to be opened only if I don't return." In it he said he wanted his insurance money to be used for his 11-year-old sister, Debby, when she married, and the education of his 8-year-old brother Joey. "I think he knew he was going to die," said his mother. "I knew it when he called us the last time from Camp Pendleton at Thanksgiving. I knew it would be the last time I would hear his voice." Fischer had hoped to enter college following service. Fischer wrote often to his parents and friends about his experiences in Vietnam. He was optimistic about his future as a radioman in Vietnam, but pessimistic about the war. He felt he should do what he was doing, but he couldn't see how this war could be won - he couldn't see the enemy. He was the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Pinkerton of Florida and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Fisher of AZ.

Pfc. Fischer is interred at Sunset Memorial Park.

Information as gathered from the Cleveland Press & Plain Dealer, February 28 & March 4, 1968.